Not exactly top-shelf advice, but I try

Hello folks and welcome to The Adviceman. I’m “Dr.” Ryan Worthington. This isn’t supposed to be spelled “The Advice Man” by the way, but rather “Adviceman”. I am an adviceman like my father, my grandfather, and great-grandfather before me. So basically, I come from a long line of adviceman. Recently, I did get into a spot of trouble by claiming to a doctor. The reason I did this is because I have doctorates, but they are all photoshopped. I just felt because I have my doctorates, I can call myself as such. Apparently, I have to earn them so I had to throw quote marks around the “doctor” according to my lawyer.

At any rate, I am here to help dispense advice. You can still call me Dr. Worthington, Dr. Ryan, Dr. Ryan Worthington, or Doc. I’ll respond to all four. There are many people out there with real problems that can only be solved by yours truly. Typically, the other advice columnists come off as professional, but often times overshoot their advice because they are too “perfectly qualified”….. in my humble opinion.

Full disclosure: I am not to be held responsible for any of you actually taking me up on my advice. I’m bound by the Department of Justice to let you know that I’m not at all licensed to do this. Be that as it may, I’m still going to give it a go!