The Adviceman’s Troll Analysis- We Have Our First One!

Well folks, I finally got my first troll in. This was sent in by Nirma in Albuquerque NM. Apparently, she posted a cute video of her dog rolling over and playing dead. A comment came in the middle of a bunch of nice comments. Here’s what this troll said.

“Your dog is not only not cute, but flat out ugly. You know what they say, pets look like their owners.”

the adviceman's troll analysis for social media serviceNow out of those two sentences, I can tell you exactly who this person is. This is a jealous man. Not a woman, 35 years of age. In his early teens, his parents wouldn’t let him own a dog because he couldn’t care for it. Why? Because one of his legs is larger than the other, so if his dog got away, he wouldn’t be able to chase it because he can only run in wide circles. It actually takes him about an hour and a half to just get the mail at the end of his driveway. So if his dog got off the leash, it would be in immediate danger. He has always been resentful of this fact and he takes his anger out on people who are able to enjoy their animals such as Nirma. Nirma, thank you for being so courageous and being the first to submit a troll for me to analyze..

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