The Adviceman’s Bakers Dozen | Odd Sexual Role Playing Combos

The Adviceman’s Bakers dozen of odd sexual role playing combinations

  1. Tow truck driver and bridesmaid of a high-society bride in the hamptons
  2. A meter maid and the Pope, who has parked the popemobile incorrectly
  3. A 30-something lawncare technician at a retirement home.
  4. An 1800’s gold prospector and modern day fitness instructor
  5. Meth dealer and kindergarten teacher
  6. Astronaut and farmer
  7. Zookeeper and someone dressed in a gorilla suit
  8. Chimney sweeper and bowling alley manager
  9. The postmaster general and boat captain
  10. A Matador and a School lunch lady
  11. Street beggar and rodeo clown
  12. News anchor and mail carrier
  13. A police officer and Gumby
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