The Adviceman’s Bakers Dozen: Funniest Places to Fart Loudly

Today, I’m going to list the top thirteen funniest places to fart loudly.

  1. In church right after the choir finishes a song
  2. Saying grace before a Thanksgiving dinner
  3. During a requested moment of silence
  4. While voting
  5. Standing next to your sink while a plumber works underneath
  6. In a classroom where you have a friend across the room hold up a score like a figure skating judge
  7. At the bank while applying for a mortgage
  8. In a coffee shop that is in a book store
  9. In a tent at a crowded campground
  10. While working a telethon and crop dusting everybody on the phone
  11. At a golf tournament while a golfer is in mid-shot
  12. During confession
  13. During a marriage proposal
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