Son Owes Dad Money, but Won’t Pay

Dr. Worthington,

About 5 years ago, I lent my son and his wife $25,000 for their new home and told them that they would have to pay me back when they could. Now they have both achieved success in their respective careers and earn a combined $150,000 at least. But now, they are telling me that they considered what I gave them to be a gift and have no intention of paying me back. I’ve threatened them with legal action, but he says there was no contract so I’m SOL. Do you have any ideas?

Kansas City, MO

man beating up father's son for refusing to pay moneyWell Robert, he’s your son and I’m sure you love him, but its now time to start breaking kneecaps. I’m sending you an email. I’m not going to divulge the contents of the email, but lets just say that it involves a rather large gentleman by the name of “Teddy Bear”. For a reasonable fee, he is very good at problem solving these types of situations and he is very very discreet. I’ll put you two in touch.

Do let your son know that he’s going to encounter some very challenging times if a down payment isn’t made by next Thursday. Then Teddy Bear takes over.

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