Snap a Losing Lotto Streak With a Good Luck Charm

Dr. Worthington,

My husband is spending way too much on lotto tickets. He only does the ridiculously high payout draw tickets like Powerball, Mega Millions. He spends about 40 bucks twice a week, which would be great if we were wealthy, but we’re not. To this day, he hasn’t won anything past a couple of bucks here and there. Meanwhile, we have spent over $4000 this year. We just don’t have the money to keep going on and he will ruin us. Is there anything that I can do to improve this behavior?

Houston, TX

budros the lucky lotto rubber duckJessica, sounds like you can get him a good luck charm. A good charm can increase the probability of him winning perhaps. Personally, when I play the lotto, I have a rubber ducky named Budros who has stepped up and won me a thousand bucks a couple of times. So maybe think about going this route. The lotto is a fickle mistress and won’t put out for just anybody. For Budros, she has a couple of times.

Come to think of it, were you wanted me to help his odds, or help him kick the habit? Oh well, I’ve spoken.

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