Sexually Aggressive Boss and I’m Married

Dr. Worthington,

I’m happily married to my husband of 9 years with two children and work a decent job in an office. However, my new boss is hitting on me pretty hard. It’s very uncomfortable and he has indicated that it will affect my career if I don’t do anything. He always corners me when no one is around which I think may be enough to be very difficult to prove. I feel that its very unfair because the rest of the management seems to be a group of good ole’ boys and they may dismiss my allegations if I tried to report him. What can I do and not jeopardize my career?

Shreveport, LA

sexual harrassmentWell, Rebecca you are not between a rock and a hard place here. It may seem like it, but I have an easy way out of this one for you.

First, go to a sex shop and purchase the most life-like dildo you can. Make sure its stand alone and not a strap-on. If it is a strap-on, make sure it can be detached easily. See if your husband can provide some hair to make it even more realistic. Do make sure you inform him of this plan, he’ll go right along with it for sure.

So when this guy gets a little fresh, becken him into a corner and if you can, place a recorder somewhere.. Then, when you’re alone, whip it out and let him know you’re a pre-op transvestite and be very adamant you want him to suck you off. Chances are, he’s going to leave and never bother you again and will avoid you at all costs. You can even stare him down and he won’t even look you in the eye.

Now, scenario two, and this is why you needed to have a break away dildo. He could be a freak and actually comply. Once he gets down on you, take a snapshot with your cellphone and run into the office or where there are people, leaving him with the dick in his mouth. I got this idea from watching how geckos escape their predators, they have detachable tails that can grow back.

Run into an area where there are people or in a place where you can lock yourself in and use your phone to email the picture to yourself and your husband. Then let him know the whole office will see him sucking a dick if he doesn’t leave. Then call the police if you’re unsure he hasn’t left. Your safety is most important.

If he ever bothers you again, send this image to all these good ole’ boy managers. He’ll become an outcast faster that you can say Jack Robinson. It would be icing on the cake if its during Christmas, it would make one heck of a Christmas card!

At any rate, don’t worry about advancing in your career now because of this guy, you now have plenty of leverage.

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