Other Grandparents Give Expensive Gifts? Then Learn to be the “Cool” Ones

Dr. Worthington,

I find myself and my wife in competition over my grandchildren’s love and affection with their other grandparents. They are well off and are always buying them pretty pricey gifts every time they see them. My grandsons are 18 and 22 and they actually both received decent used cars from both of them just for turning 16. When Christmas comes around, we spend around $100 bucks on them, but we are outspent by at least $400. It wouldn’t be so bad, but the other grandparents tend to look down on us and are very arrogant and think they are better. Their attitude is most bothersome. What could you recommend we do to compete?

Sacramento, CA

grandkids smoking weed their grandparents gave themWell Henry, I say let them be the “Gift Grandparents” and you could be the “cool grandparents”. Every time they come over, pull them each aside and give them each a couple of bags of pot. Let them know that they can score some whenever they need it. Set the prices with them so its reasonable for them to keep coming back to you. This way, they will be spending more time with you which will leave the other grandparents bewildered as to why you’re getting all the attention.

Luckily you’re in California, so getting in trouble with the law shouldn’t be a major concern. As for the parents, chances are they won’t dare rat you out as these young men wouldn’t want to burn their source.

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