Need a Business Idea and Live in Florida?

Dr. Worthington,

I need a business idea that is outside of the box and am having trouble thinking of something. Any ideas?


Clearwater, FL

business idea to help sex offenders declare their statusWell Tim, luckily you live in Florida. I lived there for about 7 years and found ample opportunity for unique business ideas to take flight. In fact, I’ll let you run with my idea. When I lived in Florida, this guy came up to my door and read from a card telling me he was a sex offender. A few minutes later, another one came to my door and did the same thing. I passed by one house in my neighborhood and watched as there was a line of people waiting to tell one resident about what they had done.

The next guy that came to my door was deeply embarrassed and I struck up a conversation with him. Apparently, he got busted urinating at a bus stop. I told him that wasn’t too bad, but then he said he didn’t tell me what type of bus stop it was. So it was kind of fitting that he was doing this. He said the worst thing was going around telling people.

I read into this and found that when a sex offender does this, the law stated that they must be present when the card is read. So taking advantage of a loophole, I started a business where I went with the sex offender had them stand on the street while I went to the neighborhood with said sex offender and did the door knocking for them.

When the resident answered the door, I would just point at the guy on the street and say, “Hey, see that guy over there, sex offender and he or she would wave. Then I would just read the card to them and go onto the next one. Helped them save a lot of face. I charged $150 bucks for small neighborhoods and $250 for large ones. Due to the high volume of sex offenders, I made a lot of money fast. Actually paid for Worthington studios.

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