Misbehaving Child? Throw Them in the “Room of Nothing”

Dr. Worthington,

My son’s behavior is extremely belligerent and over the top. He is 4 years old and throws tantrums like a toddler. I won’t hit my child, but I’ve come close in some cases. I think child services would come after me if I did. Do you have any ideas on how to calm him down?

Vernal UT

throw a misbehaving child in the room of nothingWell Shana, I do see that you live in Vernal Utah and you might be able to pop your kid one in that city. Something about any city in Utah tells me that could be the case. At any rate, what I recommend is having a room of nothing.

The room of nothing is a room in your house where you clear everything out. And I do mean everything. Not even a bed or a chair, just white walls and a floor. I would also put in prison bars for effect. Once the child gets out of line, just send them to the room of nothing. When kids today are sent to their rooms, there’s all sorts of things to entertain them. But the room of nothing has nothing. They will get bored out of their minds and dread the room more than physical harm.

I would put a security camera in there, so you can watch them freak out initially, lose all hope, and then become docile. It’s actually very fun. If it were me, I would make some popcorn and enjoy.

If you don’t have a room to make the room of nothing, you can easily make a room within a room and it would be even smaller. You could call it “the hole”. Rolls off the tongue when disciplining your child. “That’s it! Two hours in the hole mister!”

I think after awhile, you’re going to watch the behavior change and you can take the offensive in making sure he straightens up and flies right.

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