Creating a Dating Profile for a Friend

Dr. Worthington,

I have a friend who is incredibly shy, but also very lonely. She won’t try online dating, which I told her is a good chance to screen people, but also a way to get out there. It’s been too long since she last had a relationship, when she was at her most happiest. I was wondering if you would think it’s a good idea to make one for her?

Memphis, TN

creating a dating profile for your friendWell, Carly, you most certainly are a good friend. It’s a nice thing for you to go out of your way to help somebody else achieve happiness. However, I wouldn’t write everything for her and force it. If she really doesn’t want to do it, then you could have the adverse effect and you could be alienating her. If you want, make one and show it to her for her approval.

Because one thing you could run into is not representing her to the best of her characteristics, but rather writing from an exterior perspective. To further illustrate what I’m talking about here, lets say a friend wrote a dating profile for me. He may write something like Ryan likes long walks on the beach, social events, and dancing. The thing is, he is probably writing for what he thinks a woman would want from a guy, but it wouldn’t be genuine because I like none of those things. I actually may like tiddlywinks, drinking, and firing rifles into the air while listening to James Brown records. Then, if I go on a date it will fall apart fast as the woman realizes it was all misinformation.

If anything, maybe sit down with her to build a profile or respect that maybe she just wants to be a hermit. Ain’t nothing wrong with that.

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