Boyfriend Constantly Playing Loud Music

Dr. Worthington,

My boyfriend is addicted to loud music and just recently installed a subwoofer in his car. Wherever we go, he blasts music that I’m not a fan of. I really like him and hope to have a future, but I really can’t tolerate it. I mention it and he dismisses it and says that if you can’t accept what I like, then maybe we should start rethinking things. When I don’t bring it up, everything is great. What can I do to at least reach a compromise?

Bridgeport, CT

Well Sara, it sounds like he’s not being courteous to you and I would probably recommend leaving him, but it seems that you’re dedicated and you want things to work out, so here’s what you do.

the adviceman | Ripping a speaker with nail clippersWait about a month, during which you will kind of act like its no big deal anymore. Then, when you get a chance, take a nail clipper and puncture a small hole in the speaker near the edge. Now you don’t want it to be too big of a hole and try to make it look as natural as possible. Once he cranks it to uncomfortable levels, it will start creating a bad sound and tear. He will then no doubt, get angry. Say nothing and let him stew and maybe calm him down with some sex or something.

Now chances are, he’s going to buy another speaker. So just keep on doing this and make this about attrition. Hopefully, over time he will sink so much money into his sound system, that he can no longer afford it.

I would then act supportive and print off some literature on how to keep a speaker from being blown. This will show that you are supportive of him, but little will he know the literature is fabricated because you’re going make it up and put a small section within in the article with a subtitle that reads “Keep breaking speakers? You could have a small penis”. If anything will stop a certain behavior, its something that questions dick size.

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