Bakers Dozen: Fake Names You Can Use on the Internet

So folks, on my last episode, I introduced The Adviceman’s Bakers Dozen. This is where I provide you a list of 13 things. For this episode, its thirteen unique fake names you can use on the internet.

  1. Maraca Toastmaster
  2. Sussudio Crotchetall
  3. Orenthal James Doritosmith
  4. Boxcar Jenkins
  5. Pilate Sequesterfield
  6. Fuckery Tomlinson
  7. Tostada McEntyre
  8. Teets Impleton
  9. Quiff Shitinhand
  10. eTards Steeplechase
  11. Fart McNichols
  12. Sleepercell McGuiness
  13. Slotcar Nickelstamp
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