A Failed Question

Dr. Worthington,

Need some advise! When me and the kids we go to Universal in Feb we can stay at a moderate resorts for only 260.00 more then the value that I was originally staying at. The rooms are bigger and the pools has a water slide, but the theming more beachy, at orlando the pools are still nice and the theming is more classic Universal. normally the moderates are about 1000 more so I just don’t know……… what does you think?

Gary, IN

loser scrabble pieces for bad questions on the advicemanWhat a dumpster fire of a question.That one hurts my noggin. You guys can’t see it, but she even whiffed on her name, is it Alice? Alicia? There’s a M at the end (A-L-I-C-M) and by looking at the keyboard, there is nothing close to the “M” that would fit. That’s sad that you have children, hope its the minimum of two. You did say “kids”. For some reason, I’m imagining you’re a factory.

I would save that money, I wouldn’t go. Put it towards tutoring these kids of yours, because you are going to offer no support whatsoever. I also have a sneaking suspicion that a good chunk of this money comes from the government. Hey, if you’re pulling in a good income with shit grammar and vocabulary, then godspeed and do what you want. It’s either that, or you’re a trophy wife, in which case, could make sense, but your husband is very very old. Like if Colonel Sanders was still alive old. Terrible, just terrible.

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